All American Sushi

What In The World?!

Our Process

First, pick your spectacular sushi or combo to munch on.

Choose from our wide array of signature cultured rolls. From sweet n' sour to spicy to horrifying we have you covered. From Kalamari to Louisiana rolls we have every taste you can imagine, trust us.

Next, make sure you have every roll you desire and checkout

Give your cart a one over before making that sweet purchase. Also, before you buy see if you qualify for any sales or discounts, we always have a little something going on. while your at it maybe sign up to be a Sushi member to rack up points for free rolls.

Last, lay back on your couch, press play on Netflix, and wait for your sushi to arrive.

Our delivery guys are some of the fastest in the industry. We know sushi is time sensitive so we have our guys arrive within twenty minutes of departure. We have a city pass, so as long as the cops see our sign we get a pass.

Here's More of our Info!

5778 Goucher st , Suite 144 Augusta, Maine 04332
(777) 534-1234